About Gabby Du Gaffe

Charles Farrell & Janet GaynorGabby Du Gaffe is a fictional character who comments on themes generally with a 1930s flair.  The site is meant to be very tongue in cheek and is generally brief and to the point.  The pictures are meant to tell a little story of their own based on the way they’ve been sequenced.  After The Thin Man And James StewartExpect to find lot’s of vintage film star quotes and a few from world leaders, Great writers, Artists and inventors/entrepreneurs.  She is one of three characters created to comment on stuff that matters and is the first to have her own page.  Stay tuned for pages belonging exclusively to Betty Bourgeoise and to Wander Way Awrf.  Gabby is concerned mainly with quotes and gaffes from her own era the 30s.  A time when the great depression changed the fabric of society, when gangsters like Al Capone ruled the streets and when people regularly went to the cinema to escape.

30s evening gown



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